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Liquid Biopsy Development

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The MGZ is currently developing a new Liquid Biopsy assay to analyze the genome-wide mutation profile of patients' tumor tissue.

LIFE-CNA: Genome sequencing from Liquid Biopsy detects tumor progression

Tumors release their DNA into the blood circulation. Detection of cell-free tumor DNA is therefore a specific marker for residual tumor and an important prognostic marker.

The new assay identifies cell-free tumor DNA based on genome-wide analysis. Unlike hotspot or gene panel analyses, all genomic regions are thus taken into account. The LIFE-CNA (Liquid Biopsy Fragmentation, Epigenetic signature and Copy Number Alteration analysis) tool can detect somatic fragment gains and losses characteristic of tumor DNA. In addition, tumor-characteristic epigenetic signatures and fragmentations are detected, providing high sensitivity for detection of cell-free tumor DNA.

For the clinical validation of LIFE-CNA, genome sequencing of 208 plasma samples from patients with colorectal carcinoma and healthy volunteers was performed. It was shown that tumor progression can be detected early with LIFE-CNA.