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MGZ - Medical Genetics Center Services Update During COVID-19

Even during the current COVID-19 situation, we at the MGZ would like to inform clinicians that our center remains open and continues to accept samples for genetic testing

NIPT Update: Additional Test Option for "Monosomies/Trisomies and Deletions/Duplications of all Autosomes" Now Available

The MGZ - Medical Genetics Center has extended its non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) to include, amongst the more commonly available testing options for trisomies 13, 18, and 21

MGZ Update: Genetic Diagnostics in Patients with Hereditary Cardiac Diseases

Genetic investigations also open up new possibilities in cardiology with regard to diagnostics, risk assessment, therapy and prevention.

MGZ at the ISUOG World Congress 2019

Genetic Testing in Prenatal Care. The MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be an exhibitor at the ISUOG World Congress taking place at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, October 13th - 16th, 2019.

WMS 2019 - Come meet us!

Meet the MGZ October 2nd - 4th at the 24th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society (WMS) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Olaparib in Metastatic Breast Cancer: BRCA Diagnostics from the Germ Line as Indication Criterion

According to the scientific literature, proof of a BRCA mutation of the germ line is required before therapy with Olaparib.

MGZ Update: Hereditary Diabetes - MODY and MIDD

Genetic testing for MODY and MIDD - distinguishing characteristics, the diagnostic strategy, and the therapeutic relevance of these forms of diabetes. Get the latest information from the MGZ here.


ESHG 2019 – Come meet us!

The MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be an exhibitor at the ESHG in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 15 – 17, 2019. Visit stand number 292 to learn about our genetic testing and counseling services now serving over 15 clinical areas.


Update on Genetic Testing for Rare Diseases at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

While not all rare diseases have genetic origins, there are thousands that do. Very often, people affected by these rare diseases live with a condition that takes years to diagnose – a genetic odyssey.

Update: Genetic Testing via the E-112/S2 Route at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

Information for Submissions from EU/EEA* countries:

The MGZ – Medical Genetics Center accepts test requests for genetic diagnostics via the submission of an E-112/S2 form for legally insured outpatients.