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Olaparib in Metastatic Breast Cancer: BRCA Diagnostics from the Germ Line as Indication Criterion

According to the scientific literature, proof of a BRCA mutation of the germ line is required before therapy with Olaparib.

MGZ Update: Hereditary Diabetes - MODY and MIDD

Genetic testing for MODY and MIDD - distinguishing characteristics, the diagnostic strategy, and the therapeutic relevance of these forms of diabetes. Get the latest information from the MGZ here.


ESHG 2019 – Come meet us!

The MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be an exhibitor at the ESHG in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 15 – 17, 2019. Visit stand number 292 to learn about our genetic testing and counseling services now serving over 15 clinical areas.


Update on Genetic Testing for Rare Diseases at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

While not all rare diseases have genetic origins, there are thousands that do. Very often, people affected by these rare diseases live with a condition that takes years to diagnose – a genetic odyssey.

Update: Genetic Testing via the E-112/S2 Route at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

Information for Submissions from EU/EEA* countries:

The MGZ – Medical Genetics Center accepts test requests for genetic diagnostics via the submission of an E-112/S2 form for legally insured outpatients.

Mitochondrial Diseases – The Causes, Diagnostic Strategy, and Clinical Utility of Genetic Testing

Mitochondriopathies play an important role in neuropediatrics as a cause of severe early childhood encephalopathies, but can also be the cause of rare diseases and symptoms in adult neurology.

Recently published in Gastroenterology: Results of an international study on monitoring guidelines for patients with Lynch Syndrome.

In the international study, patients with Lynch syndrome who have a significantly increased risk of developing colon cancer were examined.

Why choose the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center?

Discover the MGZ – Medical Genetics Center in our latest company video to get a quick glance at who we are, our expertise, our range of genetic services, and more.

Genetic Counseling at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

The MGZ offers a number of genetic counseling options to serve the needs of both clinicians and patients. Our team of genetic specialists is available for both face-to-face consultations in our Munich location as well as remote consultations via telephone or video conferencing.

ESMO - 2018 Congress

MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be attending this year’s ESMO Congress taking place in Munich on October 19 – 22.