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MGZ - Medical Genetics Center Services Update During COVID-19

Even during the current COVID-19 situation, we at the MGZ would like to inform clinicians that our center remains open and continues to accept samples for genetic testing in order to ensure the availability of genetic diagnostics for the care of your patients and their families.

The MGZ has implemented a variety of measures to minimize interruptions to its business operations as well as to ensure the safety of both internal and external personnel involved in delivering our services to clinicians and patients.

Our team of clinical geneticists remains available for consultations regarding your specific patient cases and testing strategies and for any clarification regarding patient results.

To ensure minimal delays in the management of your patients, we would like to remind clinicians that you can quickly submit price inquiries via the MGZ's online price inquiry and ordering portal.

Please contact our international customer support at inquiry@mgz-muenchen.com or by phone at +49 (0) 89 30 90 886 - 0 to discuss any specific needs you may have.

Please refer to our Downloads section for all required forms to assist you with submitting test requests.

We are working hard to continue to provide you and your patients with timely and important services during this situation and thank you for your understanding during the current coronavirus pandemic.


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