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Mitochondrial Diseases – The Causes, Diagnostic Strategy, and Clinical Utility of Genetic Testing

Mitochondriopathies play an important role in neuropediatrics as a cause of severe early childhood encephalopathies, but can also be the cause of rare diseases and symptoms in adult neurology.

Recently published in Gastroenterology: Results of an international study on monitoring guidelines for patients with Lynch Syndrome.

In the international study, patients with Lynch syndrome who have a significantly increased risk of developing colon cancer were examined.

Why choose the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center?

Discover the MGZ – Medical Genetics Center in our latest company video to get a quick glance at who we are, our expertise, our range of genetic services, and more.

Genetic Counseling at the MGZ - Medical Genetics Center

The MGZ offers a number of genetic counseling options to serve the needs of both clinicians and patients. Our team of genetic specialists is available for both face-to-face consultations in our Munich location as well as remote consultations via telephone or video conferencing.

ESMO - 2018 Congress

MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be attending this year’s ESMO Congress taking place in Munich on October 19 – 22.

PediRhythm VIII - World Congress of Pediatric & Congenital Rhythm Disorders

MGZ – Medical Genetics Center will be attending the PediRhythm VIII Congress in Munich between October 14th and 16th, 2018.  

Carrier Screening Update - Expanded Gene Panel with Over 600 Genes Now Available

MGZ –Medical Genetics Center is now offering an expanded carrier screening gene panel, which includes over 600 genes, variants in which are known to be the cause of clearly defined serious diseases. 

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Collaboration Opportunities Now Available

MGZ - Medical Genetics Center invites clinical institutions, diagnostic laboratories, and resellers interested in offering NIPT testing to specific geographic locations to contact the MGZ about possible partnership/distribution opportunities.

DxOme® - Next Generation Sequencing

New Test Option - MGZ's DxOme® , a comprehensive NGS expanded data analysis of over 1500 genes, in 11 clinical areas is now available.

Human Variome Project: Training Course in Variant Interpretation

Between August 27th and 30th, a training course on the interpretation of variants will take place in Johor, Malaysia.