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MGZ Update: Hereditary Diabetes - MODY and MIDD

Patients with typical characteristics of both diabetes mellitus (DM) type 1 and DM type 2 are particularly suspected of hereditary diabetes. The two most common forms of hereditary diabetes are:

  • MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young) and
  • MIDD (Maternally Inherited Diabetes and Deafness).

Both forms are not so rare, with 1 - 2% (MODY) and 1% (MIDD) of all diabetes diseases, and should be diagnosed due to the therapeutic relevance and risk assessment with regard to macro- and microvascular complications.

We have summarized the distinguishing characteristics, the diagnostic strategy, and the therapeutic relevance of these forms of diabetes for you in our clinician information brochure titled "Hereditary Diabetes".


Still have questions about the genetic testing in hereditary diabetes? Contact our clinical specialist Dr. Silja Robling, MD.

View our test catalog to see a list of current gene panels available.


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